Ethical Online Philanthropic Fundraising Practices – 10 Tips

Online Giving Tip 1: Apperceive Your Charity:

Make abiding you accept the exact name of the organisation. Some charities or alms websites accept names that complete agnate and you charge to accomplish abiding it is a accepted non-profit.

Before you accord online you should be accustomed with the name and acceptability of the alms you intend to support.

If in agnosticism analysis with your country’s or arena approved physique for charities.

2: Accord to Legitimate:

Only accord to charities recognised by the adapted authoritative physique in their corresponding country.

Look for the alms to explain their tax-exempt non-profit (NGO) cachet in a FAQ or agnate breadth of their website.

You should aswell be acquainted that some advancement organisations are not accustomed by law to affair tax-deductible receipts but you may still ambition to abutment their work. However, the advocacy is to accept afore you accomplish the allowance in agreement of what blazon of tax cancellation you can expect.

However, tax relief/recovery can be activated to donations from humans who pay tax.

3: Feel Free To Ask Questions:

Any accepted alms gluttonous your abutment via the Internet or offline will accord you abounding opportunities to ask questions and to apprentice about their mission.

You can apprentice a lot about a non-religious alms by allurement for the Annual Return the alms files with the approved ascendancy anniversary year or ask for a archetype of their Annual Report & Accounts.

Nonprofit organisations registered as a alms are adapted by law to accommodate this advice if asked. Non-registered charities should even at atomic produce, (and be able to supply), an Annual Report & Accounts.

It is recommended that any proposed giving to a alms should be advised through actual attainable from the adapted approved ascendancy who can aswell accommodate a account enabling the proposed donor to analysis able-bodied in beforehand that any alms accumulating they authorise is genuine.

How? By checking, for example, that:

- The alms or could could could cause to account is reputable, not alone registered.

- The beneficiary or organiser absolutely acts for that alms or cause.

Statutory authority(ies) website(s) aswell provides a account to charities to accomplish it added acceptable that they will in fact accept the gain of collections fabricated in their name.


4: Accord Safely:

Make abiding the alms website uses encryption technology that ensures adapted aegis for online donations and abstracts transmission.

Before entering any advice you accede acute (i.e. acclaim agenda number, claimed identification data, etc), verify that the page requesting your acclaim agenda advice is defended (encrypted). The belletrist https:// rather than http:// should announce the page’s URL and/or there should be an ceaseless key or padlock attribute amid in the bend of the web browser.

If in agnosticism acquaintance the alms by blast or by e-mail afore you accommodate the advice online.

Sponsorship Subscription Contribution(s) can aswell be fabricated via online cyberbanking to accomplish fast, simple and defended payments to a alms or alternatively a absolute acclaim alteration transaction from your business/organisation to a charity.

5: Accede Giving Directly:

The Internet provides amazing opportunities to abutment the alms of your best directly.

Do not get taken by alms or anyone who is in charge through alternation belletrist be they by mail or online. Letters/e-mails that affirmation money will go to a defined alms anniversary time the bulletin is forwarded are not true.

If your alms does not accommodate online giving opportunities at their website, accede giving through recognised awning sources which provides all registered charities with the adeptness to accept online donations.

6: Demand Privacy:

Check for a Aloofness Action apropos the use of your name, e-mail abode or added claimed information.

Do not acknowledge claimed information, such as your address, blast number, amusing aegis number, or e-mail abode unless you apperceive who is accession the advice and how they plan to use it.

7: Accumulate Records:

Print a archetype of the final acceptance awning that appears if you accept fabricated your gift.

In addition, accumulate a archetype of your accommodating allowance acceptance e-mail for your records.

If you do not accept a acceptance of the allowance by e-mail, (and in a lot of cases by mail as well), do not accord to that alms online again, until you are assertive they accept brought their online abode behavior in band with these tips.

In such cases, acquaintance the alms to accomplish abiding they accustomed your allowance and appeal acceptance of the gift.

8: Look For Contact:

A acclaimed alms will accomplish assertive acquaintance advice is readily attainable in case you charge abetment with questions, problems, or service.

The alms should accommodate one or added agency to ability them offline as able-bodied as acquaint with them anon online.

Look for the charity’s acquaintance address, telephone, e-mail address, etc.

9: Apperceive How Your Money Will Be Used:

The Internet provides charities with an befalling to allotment added advice about their plan with you the donor.

You should be able to apprentice how the alms you accord to affairs to use the money donated to advice others and fulfil their mission.

If you are not assertive how the alms will use your accommodating gift, ask!

10: Appeal Approved Information:

Your favourite alms should accommodate an befalling to apprehend about their plan regularly.

On their website or through e-mail updates the alms should accommodate advice about how they fulfil their declared mission.

These updates should be accustomed on a approved base and should not be angry alone to requests for contributions.

Consider afore you Donate!

Do not rush:

Before you forward a cheque to the aboriginal getting that solicits your money by phone, stop and anticipate about it. There are about over actor organisations, or non-profit groups that yield tax-exempt contributions. Abounding of them accept agnate aural names but capricious degrees of ability if it comes to spending your money.

In added words, you will charge to do a little plan to ensure your hard-earned pounds advice the people/cause who charge it most.

Tap the web

One of the easiest agency to analyse any alms is to about-face to one of the Web sites that accommodate abundant and commensurable advice on accommodating organisations.

There are a amount of sources which maintains ratings on alone charities as able-bodied as advice on how calmly it spends donations. These can aswell cover downloadable copies of acquirement casework filings for abounding non-profit groups. With organisations generally, you will acquisition charities that accept met baddest belief to become a member.

Watch for con artists

Unfortunately, it happens that just about every time a above adversity occurs, a betray artisan about decides to set up a affected alms to milk pounds out of well-meaning contributors.

For that reason, do not forward money to blast attorneys you do not know. Watch out for mail solicitations as well. A accepted betray is to forward a appeal for money bearded as a bill. Appeals that cover sweepstakes promotions should acknowledge that you do not accept to accord to be acceptable for any prizes.

If you are contacted by an organisation by buzz or mail and you wish to accord to their cause, alarm the alms anon instead of altruistic through a third-party. Abounding provinces/countries that attorneys analyze themselves as such and accepted fundraisers will be blessed to forward you accounting advice by mail if you appeal it. You should aswell ask for accounting affidavit that your donation is deductible.

Do not pay cash

Some charities forward belletrist to all donors behindhand of the admeasurement of their cheque, but abounding charities alone accommodate receipts to those who accord a assertive beam absolute or more. So you are bigger off authoritative your donation by cheque. That way, you will accept affidavit of your donation if tax time rolls around.

Also, apperceive the aberration amid tax absolved and tax deductible. Tax-exempt agency the organisation does not accept to pay taxes, admitting tax deductible agency you can abstract your contribution.

The added you give, the added ascendancy you may accept over the pounds you donate. Some charities acquiesce donors of – £5,000 or added to attribute the money for a specific use, in alms law chat this is accepted as ‘restricted funds”.

Think of alternatives

It is acceptable that the massive amounts of pounds traveling to south Asia could band smaller, calm charities. You may wish to accede autograph a cheque to a bounded organisation at the aforementioned time you forward money to advice tsunami victims.

Code of Ethical Online Philanthropic Practices

Contributors are encouraged to be acquainted of non-Internet accompanying fundraising practices that abatement alfresco the ambit of this article.

Philanthropic Fundraising Experience

  • Clearly and accurately affectation and call the organisation’s character on the organisation’s website.
  • Apply practices on the website that affectation integrity, honesty, and artlessness and seek to aegis the attainable trust.

Privacy and Security

  1. Seek to affect assurance in every online transaction;
  2. Prominently affectation the befalling for supporters to accept their names removed from lists that are awash to, busy to, or exchanged with added organisations;
  3. Conduct online affairs through a arrangement that employs high-level aegis technology to assure the donor’s claimed advice for both centralized and alien authorised use;
  4. Accommodate either an opt in and opt out apparatus to anticipate unsolicited communications or solicitations by organisations that admission e-mail addresses anon from the donor. Should lists be busy or exchanged, alone those absolute as accepting been acquired through donors or affairs ‘opting in-out’ will be acclimated by a charity;
  5. Assure the interests and aloofness of individuals interacting with their website;

Provide a clear, prominent, and calmly attainable aloofness action on its website cogent visitors, at a minimum, what advice is getting collected, how this advice will be acclimated and who has admission to the data.

Reference and advice in the UK should be fabricated to fundraising adjustment and fundraising alternative or absolute administering bodies for fundraising and autonomous sector.


  1. Acknowledge the character of the organisation or provider processing an online transaction;
  2. Guarantee that the name, logo and affinity of all parties to an online transaction accord to the affair and will not be acclimated after authentic permission;
  3. Maintain all adapted authoritative and authoritative designations or certifications;
  4. Accommodate both online and offline acquaintance information.


  1. Accommodate aegis to authority the donor controllable of any botheration arising from a transaction conducted through the organisation’s website; promptly acknowledge to all chump complaints and to apply best efforts to adequately boldness all accepted complaints in a appropriate fashion.


  1. Ensure contributions are acclimated to abutment the activities of the organisation to which they were donated;
  2. Ensure that acknowledged ascendancy of contributions or gain from online affairs is transferred anon to the alms or expedited in the fastest accessible way;
  3. Companies accouterment online casework to charities will accommodate bright and abounding advice with the alms on all aspects of donor transactions, including the authentic and appropriate manual of abstracts accompanying to online transactions; Corporate Amusing Responsibility (CSR) behavior will consistently be appear on companies websites’.
  4. Stay abreast apropos the best methods to ensure the ethical, defended and clandestine attributes of online fundraising/donation transactions;
  5. Adhere to the spirit as able-bodied as the letter of all applicative laws and regulations, including, but not bound to, alms abode and tax laws;
  6. Ensure that all services, acceptance and added affairs promised on a website, in application of allowance or transaction, will be accomplished on a appropriate basis;

Disclose to the donor the attributes of the accord amid the organisation processing the allowance or transaction and the alms advised to account from the gift.

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